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festerjester's Journal

Coda Skeffington-Vos
29 September
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Time to update the ol' LJ Bio. I am writing this from my first deployment to Iraq. I'm not much for the Army, but its a decent job for now. I have self conflicting views on politics, religion, social norms, morals and myself so don't expect me to make any sense ever. Mine is a life a questions without answers. One day I hope for some. I am the proud owner of a 2006 Human Male named Aiden. I am 24 and just now starting to figure out what i want out of life. I don't hold many grudges, am not as open minded as I'd like to be and have a hell of a case of wanderlust that is gnawing away at me (and my pocketbook). My biggest wish is to live alone with a good woman and my son in the middle of nowhere and spend my days doing something that involves minimal contact with society. Maybe one day. Thats all I can think of right now. Go and be with God. Thou art God.